*Fujita Nao@Hashimoto Masako


Temari  Dispensary,  Ishikawa, Japan





Our dispensary, TEMARI is one of the Japanese traditions. We wish to become a dispensary familiar with everyone, because TEMARI can help everyone from infants to the elderly.



While our main business is being a dispensary, we also aim to promote health and a healthy lifestyle.  We plan to report on activities done to strengthen Health promotion and future relations with the local populace based on our results.



Case1.  Medicine classrooms were held for school children.

Case2.  Picture story shows for senior.   

Case3.  Meal consultations  were held for lifestyle disease patients.

Case4.  Notices were posted for events to the local populace.   


[Results & Conclusions]

-Twelve children (six ~eleven years old) participated in the medicine classroom.  It our opinion this is a chance for children to learn more about medications. 


-Eleven people participated in the picture story show. They asked us something.  We felt it was important to them that we explain the practices for the dispensary. 


-For people participated in the meal consultation. Slowly and carefully, it took about 30 minutes per one person. Because all their worries were resolved, in our opinion a better medical support session was held.  The works  were posted from a local resident.  This pleased all our customers.


-After four studies, the ages of our participants ranged respectively.  Therefore, the health promotion was done to a wide age group.  Future studies should positively incorporate the opinions of the patients. For instance, from the questionnaire survey - The most important thing that we considered was to continue with these studies.